Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thoughts on the last program with #Letterman

[VIDEO] I saw David Letterman's final program as host of CBS' The Late Show. It was a great ending and lots of trips through memory lane. Even showed some scenes from his time as host of NBC's Late Night program. We saw a day of production of the show before Letterman signed off for good before The Foo Fighters played one last song during a montage of clips and photos.

As stated last year I've been a fan for years even during those times I had no business watching such shows. Of course I say this discussing how young I was when I became aware of him. Letterman's humor little did I know was so adult it was funny but now that I am grown it occurs to me more an more now.

Since he announced his retired it was my goal to watch his show more. Unfortunately I failed thanks to work, but last night's program was the first time in a long time that I watched the whole show from beginning to end. Indeed it was quite cool that Conan O'Brien on his show let his audience know it's OK to turn to Letterman. Conan credits Letterman for visiting his show when he had been struggling as the then new host of NBC's Late Night.

I see this column via Instapundit today with the main conclusion that "He was the cool guy who became Mr. Big-Time Showbiz Personality. Letterman shouldn’t retire. He should just continue doing his shtick. In Vegas."

To be sure just like that columnist - Kyle Smith - I had also lost interest in Letterman at some point. I blame primarily on other distractions such as school, internet, etc. Also the humor hadn't been what it once was although there were still some things that cracked me up in his later years. Yeah Dave went much more political in later years even had FOX News personality Bill O'Reilly on his show and had a nice spat with him. O'Reilly incidentally was part of the montage that ended Letterman's run on The Late Show.

I'm not in the position to say whether or not Letterman overstayed his welcome. The late night talk hosts who have come after him and ultimately succeded him have a lot to owe to him. Just as much as Letterman had a lot to owe to Johnny Carson for getting him started with Late Night. Now we're living with Letterman's influence on this genre of TV and in the future hopefully someone will have the same influence.

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