Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dennis Hastert...

The former Speaker of the House and Illinois congressman had recently been indicted by the feds for structured cash withdrawals. It has been further revealed that these withdrawals were allegedly connected with payments to victims of "sexual misconduct". WOW!!!

These days if you're making relatively large cash withdrawals from a bank the feds want to look at it. Especially now that we're in an era of terrorism and we must find ways to defeat them - that is keep them from using cash for their activities. Perhaps these laws have only made it much easier to track anyone with suspicious financial activity.

In the Speaker's case, the IRS caught wind of these withdrawals that apparently began in 2010 and only continuned. Tribune columnist John Kass has opined that he could've found someone perhaps a lawyer who could keep this quiet.

Well...I found this story to be weird thanks to the nature of it. Alleged sexual misconduct presumably of minors is a real no-no these days. It always has been to be sure so even if it's in the past this is without a doubt awful news to come out about anyone's reputation.

All the same perhaps someone was all too successful with their attempts at blackmail.

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