Wednesday, April 08, 2015

#WalterScott: Another unforunate incident involving police

Last year the news was dominated by what happened in Ferguson, Missouri and then moved onto New York and now we can add Charleston, South Carolina to the map. On Saturday an unarmed man Walter Scott had been shot to death by a Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager.

Last night on FOX News' Megan Kelly show I saw footage filmed by a citizen videographer for the first time. Then I thought, this is what really happens in a shooting, it's not all glitz and glamor and Hollywood. You hear gunshots, then see the man get hit and eventually fall to the ground.

I can already see this incident has racial overtones. The man was black the police officer was white as in the other scenarios. While I'm concerned passions will rise with this as it had at the end of last year I do hope the truth comes out.

All Mr. Scott did was run from Officer Slager and it appeared he had been unarmed. And if nothing justified the shooting of Mr. Scott why exactly did officer Slager shoot his pistol. Regardless Slager has been charged with murder - in addition to losing his job - and seemingly we have evidence that Slager may not have had probable cause.

BTW, for the record I will never show the video here however you can watch it at this link. The incident that happened in New York with a police officer choking a man to death, I avoided watching that video and all I know is that man couldn't breathe. In that case the officer had been cleared so this case is certainly much different.

As for the video I did see out of Charleston I chose not to change the channel and I saw what I saw. I feel desensitized, however, it's still hard to see footage of a person getting killed.

ALSO I read more into this case and his police department are distancing themselves from Slager and his attorney is no longer representing him. This isn't looking that good at all

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