Thursday, April 02, 2015

Story about Indiana pizzeria fabricated out of nothing

I'm still attempting to get this story from Indiana and figure out what it's all about. I understand what it's attempting to do and recognize that the state is taking a beating for the law they just passed.

Then I saw this story yesterday that I see at Instapundit. So a pizzeria - owned by a Christian couple - was said to have utilized their rights to not cater gay weddings. They've never been asked to anyway and they didn't make any publicity. It becomes a story and then it became they don't want to serve gays & lesbians.

What happens in our time of instant communication is that things get blown out of proportion. The couple are in the wrong business if they want to not serve a certain segment of the population which could be gay or black or Hispanic...etc. Unfortunately they said this in relation to this law out of Indiana.

Well wherever the truth lies in what the media from this news station in Indiana and the blow up on social media needless to say it had become a major fire. This pizzeria could suffer and some dumb things have been said. All I can say is let those people have their opinions and let's not allow our passions to get too high.

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