Monday, March 16, 2015

So the wrestler who shows up in the WWE finally speaks...

[VIDEO] On a previous edition of Monday Night Raw the vigilante Sting made his comments to the WWE Universe. He set up his match with Triple H in terms of what he saw happened in WCW and how that promotion ultimately died.

Well Sting was referring to the authority in WCW - which included one Eric Bischoff - who aligned themselves with the nWo or the new world order. The nWo consisted of such former WWE superstars at least back then as Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and even Hulk Hogan. The new world order was the dominate story line in WCW for most of the late 1990s.

Of course Sting was speaking in terms of storyline. What happened with WCW and it's ultimate purchase by WWE and it's closure was a lot more than we saw on our TV screens. At some point I stopped watching  because it attempted to imitate the competition and I could watch the real deal. So perhaps one issue back then was the creative team.

Beyond the reality I did like how Sting set up his Wrestlemania match with the WWE's new authority with Triple H and his wife who just so happens to be the daughter of one Vince McMahon who basically establishes that universe. BTW, Sting already had run-ins with H as on two occasions matches had been interfered with which resulted in the authority being removed from power and resulted in returning three other wrestlers back to the WWE roster.

But then when you consider Sting in his current gimmick where he resembles that dark superhero the Crow, he always was a vigilante. He had to face the nWo as the franchise player of WCW and even had to change his persona from more of a surfer Sting to a much more darker character. The character who challenged the nWo and the decline of WCW.

How will that storyline finally unfold...

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