Thursday, March 19, 2015

I know, know enough blogs already....

Basically it's wonder that I still post here anymore. This blog is the one that started me off on blogging, however, it seems at times I've posted on several blogs over the years.

Briefly I posted at Zack's TV most recently. Then for a good period of time I posted at Illinoize and Gaper's Block. That in addition to the other blogs I've started over the years but currently there's My Mind's Eye, The Sixth Ward (or, and now the Shedd School blog.

At times these blogs get neglected although at times there can be a flurry of activity especially at Shedd School blog currently. My Mind's Eye barely gets posts and of course thanks to its importance The Sixth Ward gets more activity period.

Most of the other blogs are at times more focused on a variety of issues such as local politics, education, or just taking photographs. So what is the purpose of this blog.

Over the years this blog's decided focus is on conservative issues. I do consider myself a small C conservative. There are issues on that realm with which I do sympathize. And besides on many issues it pays not to be closed minded to consider different sides of the issue.

And that's where the focus for this blog shall remain. To be honest my ideology at times seems all over the place. I have identified myself as a small L libertarian and there are some issues I sympathize with there as well.

So either way I have outlets for other issues that are important to me. And perhaps I need to remain focus on more national or international issues.

BTW, I provided an explanation to the issues with Israel months ago that impressed even myself. I may not have gotten it entirely right, but hopefully there's someone out there who reads this blog who'd be willing to correct me. At least on some of the points I would seek to make.

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