Friday, March 27, 2015

Morris Brown College emerges from bankruptcy

Morris Brown is one of the schools located in the cluster of institutions known as the Atlanta University Center. Sometime in the last decade that school's administration had engaged in some corrupt practices that resulted in losing their accreditation and began a long road back to viability. Thanks to an e-mail going around on social media - from 6th District African Methodist Episcopal Church with whom the school has been affiliated during the course of its history - Morris Brown College emerges from bankruptcy and hopefully regain it's accreditation.

This is certainly good news and hopefully we will see Morris Brown regain it's rightful place amongst the nation's historically Black institutions of higher learning.

BTW, I have followed some of the news regarding this school over the years and here's one of them. I was a fan of My Urban Report unfortunately posting has slowed down over the years, but the blogmaster there had shared a video he did in connection with Morris Brown. Primarily to help the school raise the necessary funds to get the school back on its feet.

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