Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Root: "Little White Lie"

[VIDEO] I'm sorry that this documentary - Little While Lie - was missed. This was something of interest and the article about this was right in front of me and still didn't think about it. I'm glad that at some point in the future it will be available through iTunes.

Basically a young woman has to come to terms with not only her mother's infidelity, but her racial identity. See this woman's mother had an affair with a Black man and she came from a Jewish family. While it seems the family attempted to avoid the truth, the world didn't seem able to do so.
But when Schwartz was a child, her light-brown skin and curly hair elicited comments from people outside her immediate family circle: At her bat mitzvah, a woman from the synagogue mistook Lacey for an Ethiopian Jew.
When Schwartz questioned her parents, her father showed her a portrait of her Sicilian great-grandfather, whose darker skin seemingly provided an explanation for her own. Schwartz, like everyone around her, bought this story.
That denial allowed her parents to convince themselves that the great-grandfather story was true. Still, Schwartz couldn’t shake that feeling of otherness. When she began attending a more diverse high school, she would get stares from black girls and didn’t understand why. Her parent’s divorce, right before she turned 16, only led to more unanswered questions.
So I shall find this film on iTunes starting March 31st. The video you see above is the trailer.

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