Monday, September 15, 2014

Time for a new camera...

In all the excitement over the new iPhone, I've realized another thing. It's time to get another camera and give the cameraphone a break.

It's really nifty to be able to take out the cell/camera/smart phone and take a quick snapshot. There are times it's more necessary to get a real camera with more capacity to take pictures as I used to do.

The longtime camera I had was a point and shoot which had a lense that allowed for focus and it got stuck. I took it apart and then couldn't get it back together where it would work again. Eventually i just forgot about that old workhorse sadly. :(

It was a point and shoot. Perhaps it's time to get another point and shoot. Better yet, perhaps it's time to get something more professional.

It's time to decide and time to take some pictures not on my phone again!

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