Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wrestling nostalgia again

[VIDEO] I was about to get excited last night when watching Monday Night Raw last night I heard a familiar tune and it meant that the wrestler Sting might return to wrestling in a WWE ring. Instead what I saw was a commercial which featured Sting in a WWE produced video game. But the tune as it was presented was perfect, it should even be a recorded theme for Sting should WWE want to evoke those WCW memories.

Sting was a stalwart of WCW until it was purchased by WWE (which sometimes I still refer to as WWF on this blog) and refused to work for that company even as many of his colleagues had. For a few years he had been a star in TNA - Total Nonstop Action Wrestling which you may often see on Thursdays on SpikeTV. Earlier this year he left that company.

I've found some rumors that suggest he could come to WWE but so far he's talked about his former tag team partner - the man who became the Ultimate Warrior who's since passed away - and his likeness to be seen in a wrestling video game. Beyond that who knows what the future may hold for the Stinger!

BTW, I've been watching wrestling for a long time. Long enough to remember that Sting wasn't always this "Crow'" like character. He was often seemingly a colorful surfer dude character with color ring attire and facepaint in addition to a short haircut which was blond. I barely remember or even noticed that slowly his appearance began to change with longer and darker hair although the character when I started watching Sting was largely in tact.

Things changed when the NWO (New World Order) came along and according to the angle at the time no-one trusted Sting because the NWO had started parading around an impostor. Things came to a head at a WCW PPV and the distrust was certainly there as Sting's partners in an 8-man tag match didn't trust him in spite of him attacking his impostor.

Now that helps sets up this video and sets his full turn into the "Crow" like character. He starts dressing less colorfully and is often seen in black & white. Facepaint ring attire and all with much more dramatic music. It was a dramatic turnaround and Sting did much less talking and more swinging with a baseball bat as he continued to fight the NWO. Anyway before his full turn he gave a promo that further sets his storyline along.

BTW, sometimes in wrestling storylines could change in the blink of an eye and sometimes they are plans that are executed in advance. Who knows Sting's eventual change in appearance was planned in advance or this was his wish who knows. But it sure made watching WCW at one point in time compelling.

ALSO, I'm stilling trying to figure out the "Insane Icon" era in TNA. Sting was often referred to as an icon, but at some point he started emulating The Dark Knight's version of The Joker as portrayed by the late Heath Ledger. However Sting is still considered the good guy right?

FINALLY, it appears Sting may well find himself in a WWE ring. If this article is to be believed perhaps he may have one more match and at that against the Undertaker!

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