Monday, June 16, 2014

Still looking; still interviewing

I've been out here in the work world for many years. I've never ran into the weird luck as I had in recent years. Perhaps it's me, perhaps it's the weak economy. I wish I knew what it was.

I'm greatful that this search is going on while currently employed. Years ago with no job, money was an issue while I continued looking.

Many of my posts analyzed some aspects of my job hunt. Perhaps I could answer some questions differently and that was something explored in an earlier post. Perhaps I could dress more as a job hunter.

I also recognize that you can't get into the head of your interviewer. You never know what expectations that person will have when you come in for the interview. All you can do is stick with the basics of what you're expected to do before you get to the interview and of course following the interview. Hopefully that's enough to get the job.

I also wrote that sometimes you can get a feel for the interview. You can tell your chances if you notice the reaction of the interviewer. Sometimes you might realize that a response wasn't what they were looking for. Perhaps your questions during the course of the interview weren't focused on the job. Sometimes the interviewers were just plain neutral and you didn't get a feel from them one way or another.

Well, it was written here before that the only feedback you get from employers is that you didn't get the job. The worse part is you have little idea about what their actual decision was and why. They have to protect themselves too although sometimes it may be as simple as someone else beat you.

Got to keep a good head in spite of these reversals, however, it just shows how difficult the job market is right now.

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Zach Isaacs said...

The job market is fine; The rules have changed.
This is not an issue of quantity but quality of hiring practices.

What you have to do is learn skills using your best free resource: The Internet.
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You can also brush up on your HTML coding skills by practicing with a new template for this blog.

You have the background--working with this blog and other community projects. You are also an amazing, candid photographer (as seen on your Instagram page) with the ability to capture amazing images without the subject knowing.

You just have to PACKAGE yourself as who you want to be. You are not the job seeker but the future employee.

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