Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So who went to an anti-fracking rally in Chicago recently?

I'm a regular reader of the CapFax blog. And overtime there have been stories about fracking in this state. So apparently Illinois has the potential to produce fossil fuels somewhere in this state. Although I understand that well the fracking is about exploring for oil so perhaps there's some energy somewhere under the surface and maybe not.

Either way, since Illinois is a solidly blue state (which could also mean liberal but that's a whole other debate) there is a debate over fracking. This debate over energy and fossil fuels will attract the environmentalist who automatically will think that this exploration will hurt the environment.

Well there were some pics one of them you see here that I actually saw first at Newsalert. Well apparently the people of the Chicago area don't seem to care about fracking. There was barely anyone at the rally unless of course someone came way too late for the festivities at Daley Plaza downtown.

Or a commentor at CapFax noted that all the anti-frackers ran out of gas on their way to their respective rallies. LOL!

Anyway, it's easy to conclude that well there aren't many people opposed to this. I'm indifferent but at the same time some parts of this state could use an economic boost. Why not see if there's any fossil fuels under the soil in this state?

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