Monday, June 09, 2014

Check out how much you could get paid at Walmart!!!

Found this photo via Newsalert. For those who insisted Walmart doesn't pay their workers enough money - as they did here in Chicago a few years ago when the retailer wanted to expand here - this image should elicit one question in your mind. What was those naysayers talking about? In any event here's the background to this now hiring sign taken in the city of Williston, North Dakota.


Anonymous said...

But doesn't this prove that WalMart could in fact pay much higher wages and still be profitable?

Also, keep in mind that a minimum wage is just that: a minimum. Market conditions will still drive wages higher. So, no effect of a $10/hr minimum wage in ND WalMarts, but an important pay increase for Walmart workers in . . . well, just about anywhere else.

And since we know a Walmart can pay workers more, it seems to blow a huge hole in the argument that Walmart would be unprofitable if it had to pay a higher wage.

Unknown said...

North Dakota is experiencing a shale oil boom. In order to get/keep workers they have to keep up with surrounding pay scales. The oil workers are making bank with no real skills. If Walmart wants to compete, they have to pay to play the game. I would also guess the prices inside are much more than most other places.

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