Thursday, April 24, 2014

Term limits

Now that I find out that Gov. Quinn is on board with term limits at least for statewide officials. His Republican opponent Bruce Rauner already worked to get signatures for a term limits for members of the state legislature onto the November ballot. Generally I'm not a huge fan of term-limits although I understand why it gains traction, that is it seems incumbents are difficult people to dislodge in this state especially in the legislature.

Either way, this makes me wonder if the Governor running for re-election this year is only attempt to outflank Rauner. Rauner wants to shake things up in Springfield and may have some support for his message and that support could be at the expense of Quinn. Think about it Quinn is unpopular and also remember the Governor barely eked out a win four years ago!

So far it appears that the Senate President - one John Cullerton - is not on board with term limits even with Gov. Quinn's support.

ADDING: If we remain with this idea of incumbents being at times difficult to dislodge people have been passing petitions for changing the way redistricting is done in Illinois. As illustrated in this post from CapFax we see who's attempting to protect what from this necessary reform.

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