Sunday, March 23, 2014

There should be another Star Trek Compendium book...

USS Enterprise NCC-1701
I had a dream one night that a new Star Trek Compendium was published and was being sold at bookstores where I was browsing and reading. It seemed to include all Star Trek TV series and movies and the cover was much different than I was used to. Alas, it was only a dream.

The Star Trek Comendium I'm familiar with was written by Allen Asherman and largely chronicled the development, production, and eventual re-birth of the 1960s Star Trek series. And recently I just had this vision that some day in the future there may be another Compendium book where the last two Star Trek movies - by JJ Abrams - would be included.

Besides, Star Trek & Star Trek Into Darkness were based on those original characters that Gene Roddenberry created for the original Star Trek series of the 1960s. It wouldn't hurt to include those in addition to synopsis of the original 1960s episodes, the 1970s animated series episodes, and the six movies that feature the original cast of the 1960s series.

Years ago, I had purchased an edition of the Compendium which included the original episodes, the animated series and the first five Star Trek films that featured the original cast. There was an edition that contained synopsis for all six movies but for whatever reason I never purchased it.

However, if Mr. Asherman or anyone else elected to do a companion book for the original Star Trek series and included the Abrams movies. This would be something that's worth purchasing! For now at least the last edition from 1993 is still available via Amazon.

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