Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Taxes in America!

[VIDEO] This roughly 40 minute video is of an episode of John Stossel's FOX Business program on taxes in America. Basically this will be an attack on taxation and how harmful it can be to not only individuals but businesses. So basically Stossel and his various guests talks about proposals for a flat tax, the issue of state taxes, "obamacare" taxes, and even takes on those celebrities and politics who often advocate for higher taxes. Also you will see a bad IRS Star Trek parody that Stossel, former MTV VJ Kennedy, and Reason editor Matt Welch effective dismiss..

Tax season of course is around the corner and it's time for us to do what Stossel does which is pay someone else to do our taxes. The tax code is ever expanding, but only because there are those who hopes to use taxation to influence behaviors. Stossel illustrated this by driving around in a golf cart after he discovered that he could get a tax break for driving an electric vehicle. And we need electric vehicles for the environment! :P

Check out the end, Stossel and an author Amity Shlaes chronicles the policy of the 30th President of the United States Calvin Coolidge. They marvel at the fact that he not only cut spending, but also shrinked the size of government between his tenure in office 1923 - 1929. He was popular for his time unfortunately he gets a bum rap - fair or unfairly - for the economic collapse that started under his successor Herbert Hoover.

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