Monday, December 09, 2013

Guardian: Rand Paul goes where other Republicans won't, even Detroit

[VIDEO] Last week US Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on Hannity to offer his solution to the bankruptcy of Detroit (that's the vid you see above). The question is whether or not Detroiters would be willing to listen to such a solution that could bring the city back. Who says that the city has to be bailed out by the federal government?

Detroit somehow has to be brought back and it doesn't take a bailout, it takes her own people. It also takes bringing in people who want to revive Detroit's economy. You see a bit more from the Guardian
Paul, the junior Republican senator from Kentucky and Tea Party leader, is announcing his own rescue plan at the Detroit Economic Club today. It's a city he doesn't represent in Congress, that doesn't contain many likely Paul voters for 2016, and has been dominated by an automobile industry Paul was against bailing out.

Paul emphasizes that his plan for Detroit isn't a taxpayer-funded bailout either. Instead he would make the city an "economic freedom zone", slashing taxes and regulations rather than shoveling federal largess. He would eliminate the capital gains tax and provide incentives for entrepreneurs to relocate to Detroit in order to create jobs.

The senator admitted his proposal amounted to "enterprise zones on steroids", an homage to Jack Kemp, a Republican who sought to bring supply-side economics – and robust growth – to the inner city.

In one sense, this isn't new. Kemp long argued that tax cuts, deregulation, and the proliferation of small business were the real keys to urban renewal and a more lasting foundation for prosperity. Ronald Reagan hoped to send blacks and blue-collar white industrial workers a message by accepting the Republican presidential nomination in Detroit in 1980.
Of course the article further notes whether or not this could gain Republicans "minority" votes since Detroit is overwhelmingly Black. All I can say is good luck with that although a different solution needs to be tried. Still check out this paragraph:
But these kinds of breakthroughs cannot be achieved unless they are tried, however haltingly or imperfectly. At a bare minimum, Republicans need to appear willing to leave the comfort zone of their own constituencies and aspire to more fully a party for all Americans. If Richard Nixon could go to China, then certainly Rand Paul can go to Detroit.
Well, this I can agree but let's hope no Republican will go to Detroit trying to act like they know what's best. Maybe they can find someone who would utilize these "economic freedom zones".

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