Sunday, October 20, 2013

Breitbart: Drug Cartels 'Allowed' to Run Chicago Streets

[VIDEO] The revelation that Mexican drug cartels are driving the crime in Chicago is nothing new and Harold "Noonie" Ward who is a former gang member who I know as a perennial Aldermanic candidate and also ran for a seat on the Chicago Water Reclamation District really isn't adding much knowledge here. This revelation was made in an episode of CBS' 48 Hours entitled "The War in Chicago".

This video was produced by RebelPundit who just so happens to be one conservative or right-winger who's very willing it seems to come to the "hood" to find the real story. You can read more about this video over at Breitbart where RebelPundit also writes.

BTW, you may have seen this video on my Twitter feed last week!

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