Thursday, July 04, 2013

Lee Bey: Moo & Oink's leftovers revealed in an uncovered ghost sign

I'm sure paying a visit to a neighborhood Moo & Oink store was something of a tradition on holidays such as 4th of July. The stores that had existed for that chain has been closed since 2011 and the brand lives on in various grocery stores in the area. Therefore you can still by bbq meat items that are Moo & Oink branded.

Lee Bey an architecture blogger writes about the ancient signage at a shuttered Moo & Oink store near 71st & Stony Island. That is what you see pictured above. There are plans for this property and hence the work that's being done here and exposes the ancient artwork.

Another thing is that it's a bit of a holiday tradition from my family to purchase chitterlings from Moo & Oink from around the Christmas holidays. The stores are closed now but that doesn't mean that we can't at least go to Pete's Produce for example to buy them. However it appears that this item is out of season currently!

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