Monday, July 15, 2013

Capitol Fax: This just in… Lisa Madigan announces reelection bid

When I saw this logging on my iPhone to check out the Capitol Fax it sort of surprised me. It shouldn't have though since Lisa Madigan the Attorney General of Illinois has done this before. People expected her to either run for Governor or US Senate only to see her stay where she is. Of course doing so will put a wrench in the plans of many who hope to move into this office.

Madigan is the daughter of the powerful Michael Madigan who is the Speaker of the state House of Representative. That relationship has proven to be an issue as many seems to not like the idea of a Governor and a player in the state legislatures being from the same family.

You may have read my thoughts on Madigan here from time to time. When Rod Blagojevich was Governor it was safe to say Michael Madigan appeared often to be the only adult in the room. Although while Madigan is known for his political acumen he hasn't been without his own controvery.

A story broke last week that involved a worker at a local transit agency and Madigan using his pull to get that worker a raise. Apparently this spat may have resulted in the ouster of the head of this agency.

Depending on who you read this may not prove to be a big story, but it seems when it comes to Lisa Madigan moving up in Illinois politics there are some machinations in this. It has always been a concerned that Speaker Madigan's dealings may adversely affected the political future of his daughter.

Time will tell if Madigan's decision to stay put as Attorney General will prove to be a good one.

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