Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zo-nation: The Government Stole Zo's Money

[VIDEO] Alfonzo Rachel (Zo) of PJTV talks about how the government burglarized his bank accounts and then takes aim at the liberals who think it's OK to seize anyone's property such as their income.

I had a nice discussion with my mother today. We thought about people who may have had jobs that gave them more cash and no benefits, however, the downside to that is that well that money doesn't automatically go to social security. Such jobs aren't necessarily payrolls jobs and certainly skirt some rules.

It's certain that when it comes time for such a person to retire they won't be too happy about their social security income. If they worked a payroll job at all they may get what they put into the system but if you hardly put anything into the system you won't get much money back out of it.

It could be seen as having a sense of entitlement as if one believes government owes them this much when in times such as now there are limited resources and no agreement into how to utilize them. If anyone understands this there should be one reasonable conclusion which is we must do as much as we can for ourselves. We can't depend on anyone else but ourselves to take care of us.

That being said Zo is right to have the wish to protect his assets. Messed up that he'd have to think in those terms, but hey he should have the option of protecting his money at least until he knows what he must pay to the government. Hopefully one day the amount American citizens owe to their government would be zero.

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