Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jim Limber Davis -- Rescued by the Confederacy's First Lady

Check out this story of Jim Limber pictured to the left. He was accepted into the family of Jefferson Davis. Yes, that guy the only President of the Confederate States of America. Davis' wife rescued him from an abusive man and took care of the boy and was ultimately accepted into the family.

Let's not forget that the Confederates lost the Civil War although it doesn't appear to be explored during the course of the story linked above he was taken away from the family by a Union general. The Davis' never were able to find out his fate.

You know we always were taught that the Confederacy supported slavery and perhaps by proxy very evil. Yet we hear stories like this and then we may recognize it's not entirely black & white. Of course that's not to say slavery was OK or anything like that.

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Anonymous said...

You dont believe the official story do you ??? it is obviously a lie.

1. Why would slave owner Davis "adopt" , when he could just own him or have him around ???

2. Why would Davis care if the boy was being abused.....he himself as a slave owner had abused 10s, 100s, even thousands.....??

3 .i f you dont know already, Varina Davis was MULATTO (go and see the photos on Google Images).....why is this important ??

mullato woman takes on a black/dark child and Davis "adopts" him and raises him in their household....eventually his official whereabouts are lost..

Cnclusion: The "Jim Limber" is Davis' SON by Varina Davis. Because he came out so dark, it must have decided to place him someone until he was as to avid embarrassment and avoid blowing Varina's cover.....

He was then "adopted ", made a "free person of color", ....after the war we lose trace of him.....

He apparenty was treated the way many children ex slave holders were......think the Jfferson-Sally Hemings childen.

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