Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wager made in Stanley Cup series Hawks v. Bruins...

The game is on as I type this post. There's not just a world championship at stake here between the Black Hawks & Bruins. There's a wager as well.

In all the years, I have followed Chicago sports when a local franchise head into the playoffs and especially the further up they go there is often a wager. Most of the time it has been our former Mayor Richard M. Daley who offers up Chicago food treats as a wager. Don't entirely remember what the opposing cities offer although they may be similar to the foods Chicago wagers.

Now in the case of Chicago teams going into the playoffs or better yet wagering in a game that involves one of sports' longest running rivalries (Bears/Packers) it seems the trend involves Governors. This year in the current Stanley Cup playoffs Governor Pat Quinn and his Massachusetts counterpart Deval Patrick wagered volunteering at their respective local food banks. Of course who has to pay up on this bet depends on who wins Lord Stanley's cup.

It was noted somewhere, perhaps a blog, that Quinn almost didn't pay up on a similar bet made with regards to the Bears/Packers. He ultimately did, but really didn't try too hard to honor the wager he made. I do believe he that bet with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

BTW, it's noted that Gov. Patrick is a native of Chicago. As a matter of fact he grew up in those often maligned housing projects in the city. Where ever Patrick was reared those projects are likely long gone, but to his credit he's come a long way.

Still, another Stanley Cup coming to Chicago would be excited. And that means Gov. Patrick would have to volunteer for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Feeding the hungry, is definitely a worthy cause don't you agree?

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