Monday, June 10, 2013

Reason: Battlestar Galactica Actress Tweets About Gun Safety, Loses Half Her Twitter Followers

Ya know, it's too bad that people have an adverse reaction to an opposing point of view. OK so I may not support the President or I may support gun rights. An actress - Katee Sackhoff - known for being on Battlestar Galactica learned that lesson the hard way. And all she had to say was practice gun safety and some of those who removed her from their twitter list would likely prefer no guns. Just let's you know how passionate this debate is on both sides.

Meanwhile back in Illinois the debate continues to rage over concealed carry. Both sides still trying to maintain their positions and policy goals as a result of a court decision although the deadline has been pushed back. The debate over home-rule with regards to assault weapons, the death of Chicago's gun registry, private party transfer of firearms, and how a local prosecutor plans to handle conceal carry.

The last two items are as common sense as we should get. Make sure that dangerous persons can't get their hand on a firearm and therefore the seller or transferer must trust and verify and also some guidelines from a prosecutor. At least this prosecutor isn't from Cook County because she's already stated her belief no one should own a gun! ;)

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