Thursday, May 23, 2013

Might want to keep eyes peeled for this one...

George Ryan
George Ryan served as Governor of Illinois from 1999-2003 and if you believe Rich Miller who writes about him today Ryan was a Governor who got things done and in spite of being a convicted felon he was a solid governor. The same couldn't be said of Rod Blagojevich or even the current incumbent Pat Quinn about whom Miller states that, "Pat Quinn will never go to prison, but he’s no leader".

OK so what about George Ryan? He had recently been released from prison after serving a term for corruption and now we see his new plans as a free man. He's writing a book and there are concerned that he's not a significant figure nationally in spite of his moratorium on the death penalty in this state. Another thing he did noted by Rich Miller was meeting with then Cuban President dictator Fidel Castro while Ryan was governor.

All the same, to see this man's reflection on his long time in Illinois politics should be an interesting read. People are expecting him to open some closets although let me not allow myself to get that excited when that book is finally published. Just take it for what it's worth and then learn what we can from it.

This potential book was even compared to one written by Rod Blagojevich before he was finally sent to prison. I'm sure the gripe about Blago's book was that it really didn't say anything other than he continued to plead his innocence for the corruption he was eventually sent to prison for.

Now as for the future of the office of Governor in this state Miller closes with this:
What we most desperately need in this state is somebody who won’t be going to prison, but who still knows how to operate the levers of government and politics. Is that really too much to ask?
That's what we want in all our public official. We just need one who can win elections and credibly!

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