Friday, April 19, 2013

Texas is coming for Illinois...

Recently followers of Illinois' political scene discovered that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is attempting to poach businesses from this state. He even has an ad for his efforts. This poaching as other Republican governors from mainly Wisconsin and New Jersey have also came knocking on the door of this state seeking to bring businesses from this state to their state.

You know sometimes I like to point out that in the case of Wisconsin a small bank from Milwaukee was essentially taken over by another small bank from this state. Granted these are black-owned banks we're talking about that devoured each other that is one bank failed and the other bank purchased most of that bank's assets still score one for Illinois!

In any event, it's great to see some of the state's leaders speaking against Gov. Perry. Most of us aren't likely impressed with our Governor's response to this. However, the best response to Perry comes from our embattled state GOP Chairman:
llinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady said he’d welcome Perry if he wanted to offer support to Republican gubernatorial candidates. But a recruiting trip, he can do without.

“I like Gov. Perry, he’s been a good leader for Texas, but I don’t think it’s productive for him to come in here and do this so publicly,” Brady said. “Stealing jobs from Illinois is not going to help.”

If Perry’s strategy is in part political, Brady said, it’s not a good one.

“I don’t think it’s a great way to impress Republican donors,” Brady said, adding that even a harsh critic of Illinois’ current leadership like himself wants the state to succeed. “We live, work and pay taxes here.”
BTW, I say embattled because Brady successfully beat back a challenge to his leadership of the state GOP. However that doesn't mean that at some point Brady won't be forced to step down in the near future.

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