Friday, March 08, 2013

Ward Room: Rev. Jesse Jackson Attends Hugo Chavez Funeral

Wow! This is unbelievable. Civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson is going to Venezuela to visit the funeral of their fallen President Dictator Hugo Chavez.
Of all the people attending Hugo Chavez's funeral Friday in Caracas, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. is among them.

The father of disgraced former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. confirmed his attendance on Twitter. He reportedly arrived Thursday night in Venezuela and will lead a delegation organized by his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.

Rev. Jackson told Fox News he knew the Venezuelan president "in a direct and personal way" and says he is "deeply saddened by his passing." Chavez presented Jackson with the Liberator's Award in 2005.
I've been slow on this news but the colorful leader of Venezuela has passed away earlier this week after his battle with cancer. Depending upon whatever news outlet you follow we see a lot of activists and actors from America paying their respects to Chavez who has been likened to a dictator.

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