Monday, March 04, 2013

The 2nd Congressional District Race

This seems like a case for Rebel Pundit who's been all over the 2nd Congressional District special election and how the Chicago mainstream media fails to cover Republicans. Now it seems the media seems to want to tear down the Republican candidate.

In fact at my other blog - The Sixth Ward - I wrote about the coverage of the Republican nominee for 2nd District Congressman Paul McKinley. A noted local political journalist named Mike Flannery seems to go out of his way to note the criminal history of Mr. McKinley. Wow, interesting coverage for a man who as a Republican isn't expected to even win this election which will commence on April 9th.

Anyway over at Ward Room - courtesy of Chicago's NBC affiliate - we see another attack against McKinley. He's compared to other "jokers" in the local Republican Party. As a matter of fact, he was compared to a Clown by Flannery. In this case the clown had run against former Mayor Richard M. Daley in 1995. And then to a neo-nazi who ran in the southwest suburbs for a Congressional seat.

Hmmm, I don't know I can view this as an extreme. What's missed is that Mr. McKinley as an ex-offender has often campaigned as one who wants to prevent the "next offender". And that any criminal activity he's been involved with since his last stint in prison was mainly for his activist activities. If you will engaging in some form of civil disobedience.

While I may believe that any indication that the "Chicago machine" is concerned about McKinley's candidacy could just be well vastly overblown. Perhaps the reaction to the fact that he's an ex-con is another issue that's vastly overblown as well. In fact it was noted not long ago that his Democratic opponent Robin Kelly - who's likely to win this race - is facing ethics questions about her time as chief of staff to former Illinois state treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.

Anyway we have close to a month before Jesse Jackson Jr's former constituents will hit the polls to determine who will be their next Congressperson. Will there be a shake-up or will this race just fall into an expected general pattern?

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Anonymous said...

The real story here, is why are all of the six candidates that are still in the race seeking the support and endorsement of TEAM RAYBURN who reportedly only received around a hundred votes?

RAYBURN, a name you can trust! (more to come)

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