Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Iraq war started 10 years ago

[VIDEO] I was reminded while watching FOX's The Five that President George W. Bush announced the beginning of military operations to oust Iraqi President Dictator Saddam Hussein.This has been proven to be a very controversial decision and I'm sure opinion in various circles have been 50/50 in favor or opposed.

Still most would probably agree that Hussein was a bad guy who abused his people in his former nation and had engaged in some form of genocide. Which would lead to the one success of this operation at least Hussein himself was eventually captured and ultimately put to death for his crimes.

I'm not sure if there is any agreement over whether or not this action was justified. There's not entirely a lot of agreement over whether or not there were WMDs in Iraq. There may not be a whole lot of agreement as to whether or not Iraq or even the Middle East is better off without Hussein in power.

All the same it's a good thing to me that Hussein isn't in power over there. Iraq is now an experient in bringing a democratic republic to a predominantly Arab and Muslim nation. Let me just preferace that by saying that Iraq is a multi-religious society. Even in Hussein's regime he had some Christians in high level positions and at that Iraq had been described as a secular society.

If I may go backwards in time for a second. That night that this started I was home alone (yeah real scary right) and it was dark outside although it was probably 5 or so o'clock. Anyway I heard what was thought to be a thunderstorm explosion but as it turned out it was only thunder.

I began to believe the hype about how the terrorists were really going to put some American casualties on our soil. Of course to think reasonably if any terrorists were going to strike I was far away from such a target unless they had something far worse in mind. Anyway at least for the duration of our War on Terror operations in both Iraq and even Afghanistan most of the casualties suffered were over there involved our forces. A campaign point for many who supported these operations was that there wasn't another terrorist attack here on American soil.

In the future my goal is to share some examples of the hype. Some of the materials I'd like to share are reasons why I'm blogging today and of course most of them will be partisan in nature. Hopefully you will see some truth in them.

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