Saturday, February 09, 2013

RebelPundit: CBS, ABC Black Out GOP Primary Debate to Replace Jesse Jackson, Jr.

[VIDEO] The report from RebelPundit shows how the Chicago-area mainstream press seems to believe that the Democrats who running in the special election to succeed Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. will ultimately become the new Representative for the 2nd Congressional District of Illinois. There are several Republicans running but unfortunately they're hardly getting any coverage in face RebelPundit shows instances where the media reinforces their beliefs that a Republican couldn't possible win this solidly blue district that stretches from the South Side of Chicago into the South Suburbs all the way to Kankakee County.

Now, if you want my perspective it's hard for me to say how well Republicans will do. It would shock me that they actually could win this district but this is without a doubt a very unusual election especially since the last two congressmen went down in flames due to legal troubles. The question here is whether or not the residents of the 2nd Congressional District are ready for a change away from being a solidly Democratic constituency.

Another thing to consider, since it was redistricted after the 2010 census there are some areas that may vote contrary to the rest of the district. There's a reason so many of the Republicans who were election that year are no longer serving in Congress after the 2012 election. The map produced by a Democratic state legislature sought to dilute what helped get the man tea party Republicans elected here in this state. Some of those voters are in the 2nd District. Who knows those voters could make a huge different in the Special Election this spring.

Anyway, the point here is that the Republicans aren't getting enough coverage. Even at events where both Democrats and Republicans were present they still barely got any coverage. A case could be made here that the mainstream media of Chicago are solidly in the tank for the Democrats and aren't willing to give any coverage to Republicans whether they're solid challengers or not!

BTW, if I may offer you an update to what happened to Jesse Jr. He had recently signed a plea deal yesterday that could include some jail time. He had resigned from his Congressional seat not long after his re-election in November. Also his wife Sandi last month resigned from her city council seat and the feds also have their eyes on her! It makes you really wonder doesn't it?

And while the Republicans of Chicago are at it perhaps in two years they can find a Republican who could run in Sandi Jackson's old ward and perhaps have an interesting election there. It's time for some Republicans to gain a seat again on the Chicago City Council.

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