Monday, November 29, 2010

Chicagoist: Bears Gaining Respect: Pats Game Moved to 3:15 Start

The NFL is moving up the Patriots vs. Bears game to a later start time at 3:15 PM on Dec. 12th. Chicagoist further speculates that if the Bears face Green Bay for the NFC North title that game on January 2nd, that game may be pushed up as well.

It's safe to say this blog rarely becomes an NFL blog during the football season. Just can't get into football, but it's mostly because the Bears can't help but disappoint. They're doing surprisingly well this year and most of the time I'm working when I could be watching a Bears game.

I do look forward to watching the Bears in the playoffs in the near future, but not sure they'll be in the Super Bowl like they were almost four years ago.

Also, the Bears are doing something right when you see a thread for them over at Capitol Fax. And Rich Miller is more of a baseball fan.

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