Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paul McKinley stands out in the race for 2nd Congressional District

[VIDEO] BTW, I shared a link to this video to a friend but when he saw the Breitbart bug on it he automatically called this a crap source. Even though there is no hard news here just a man ranting and raving about the Democratic machine that he's running against.

I saw Paul McKinley on Chicago Tonight - a program on our local PBS affiliate - on Wednesday night. I was most impressed with his performance. The others who were on stage with him with Carol Marin were Lenny McCallister and Beverly Reid. They didn't strike me as outspoken as this guy and you know what for me McKinley went ahead of the pack.

I forgot to note that McKinley, McCallister, and Reid are Republicans and they're running for the 2nd Congressional Seat of Illinois. They're of course running an uphill battle against the eventual winner of the Democratic primary. It's very likely that the Democratic nominee for this seat will be the ultimate winner of this election.

OK, now it's time to reflect. We heard from McKinley, McCallister and another Republican aspirant Eric Wallace in another video produced by RebelPundit not long ago. The allegation here is that the Republican candidates were largely being ignored by the mainstream press in the Chicago area.

It's great to see a field of Black Republicans take to the campaign trail to succeed Jesse Jackson Jr. who has recently pled guilty to federal charges and his wife Sandi who used to be a Chicago Alderman also pled guilty to federal charges. The question I would have for all the Republican candidates are whether or not they will continue to be out here when the election is over. It seems to me they step forward and when the election is over we never heard them again.

McKinley strikes me as a passionate man and who knows it's possible that if he ekes out a win he may well be a different person. Still, could a message from a man like him resonate at least in the 2nd Congressional District?

Also I found a FB page for him. Now I wonder if he's part of the "Broke Party". I did a post about them last year just before the Presidential election. It seems he would fit in with that group.

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