Thursday, February 28, 2013

I let the whole month of February go by

I didn't seem to pay a lot of attention to Black History Month this year. Not sure why exactly, but hey it seems there's been a lot going on this month.

Let me just stress first and foremost that history is made everyday by anyone who does something of great significance. Or we make history by living in significant times although all time is significant.

We could talk about the accomplishments of many Blacks in this nation or the world. We could talk about activits, explorers, inventors, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, performers and I could go on and on. While it's important to talk about those who have made the history books we should encourage the future just as well.

Someone out there who isn't the history books yet will be there in the future. Indeed we should focus on the young people as well as they go through school. It's in our best interest to insure that they will succeed in the future and indeed some of them may also find themselves in the history books. May their accomplishments be both positive and very significant.

And of course may we continue to make history ourselves!

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