Friday, January 25, 2013

VIDEO: Whites Only Laundry

[VIDEO] This video is humor. Hopefully everyone knows not to take this very seriously as it was made by a sketch comedy group. It hit on the right chords.

Basically the guy we see owns a laundromat and he seems unable to correct himself with his silly mistakes. He names his establishment "Whites Only" then forced to change his name due to outcry it becomes "No Colored" and then after even more outcry it becomes "Uncle Tom's". It went from bad to much, much worse.

Even worse check out the third part of the video, the "Uncle Tom" portion. Who would come up with an idea of a seperate entrance with a seperate but equal landromat in the back of the establishment. If this happened in real-life this would prove this aspiring businessman clueless to America's racial history.

Now if I may offer another opinion, perhaps this commercial states the at times absurdity of America's racial insensitivity. There are moments where sometimes the outcry is correct and then there are moments when throwing the race card is inappropriate.

Perhaps with the first commerical there really shouldn't be an outcry. Besides the man's plan is to have a laundromat that only washes white clothing. Sounds like a good deal right, but all it would take is someone to read into it!

Either way this video is hilarious and shocking. Perhaps more than being funny it's making an important point. What do you think?

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