Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Racked: The Second Coming of Niketown Chicago

I dropped by last week after seeing the scaffolding taken down. It was open on Friday afternoon and just decided to look around. Not a whole lot difference than when they closed the store this past spring. The products are about the same although there is a floor devoted to football. I took several pics of this aspect posted to my instagram.

So this website Racked also took a look at the newly re-opened Niketown store on Michigan Avenue. It especially mentions the football theme on the second floor that I automatically picked up on. Thanks to the fact that Nike has an agreement with the NFL unlike when Nike first opened the store on the Magnificient Mile years ago.

The original Niketown seemed loosely based on a stadium. This seems more like a regular store and not a lot of corners to get lost in. Certainly a place to find the right apparel for whatever activity you choose to involve yourself in.

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