Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Gag campaign slogans

[VIDEO] The above video was posted on the YouTube account for TBS' Conan on August 29th. Basically poking fun at campaign taglines presented in various political speeches by both President Obama and Vice President Biden and by Mitt Romney. Bascially they also use random phrases by both campaign standard bearers basically for silliness.

I just thought about this at random and hope that Conan will do more of these leading up to the election. These gag slogans edited from larger speeches by both campaigns will certainly take a load off.

Too lazy to find it, but if it can be found my personal favorite "campaign slogan" was mouthed by VP Biden who let us know that he's "so ashamed". LOL

BTW, you can use my YouTube search to find more of these "slogans".

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