Sunday, October 07, 2012

Flashback 2004: Barack Obama Senate Debate

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[VIDEO] This video from our local NBC affiliate's The Ward Room shows Obama in a debate at his best. I barely remember that field and would have a hard time seeing how he would not stand out. The only person I that stage I'm sure people may remember is former IL state comptroller Dan Hynes. That might be in part because now he's President, but certainly he was able to stick out from the crowd to eke out a victory back in the Democratic primary for US Senate in 2004.

In any event here's the caption that came with the video: "Think Barack Obama's debate performance against Mitt Romney was an anomaly? That's how he often does it. Take a look at this clip from the Senate debates in 2004 for a peek at his style."

Well compare this to his performance on Wednesday night against his Republican opponent for President Mitt Romney. This video is a mere snapshot though of almost 3 mins of footage from that particular debate. What I've linked to is the whole hour and a half of the debate where to many observers the President got his clocked cleaned.

Can we expect much of the same in Obama's next debate against Romney?

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