Friday, September 14, 2012

Hill Buzz: Those closest to Obama know there is no second term coming

You know some of what was said in this article (hat-tip Newsalert) is believable, others I could take with a grain of salt. What I can believe doesn't make the President look good. What I take with a grain of salt, could just as easily be thrown in the trash.

I can include any reference to the President being gay as an example of something to be taken with a grain of salt. I would put on top of that any reference to him being a Muslim. This article makes a number of references to that aspect of the President's personal history. I have heard the gay rumors about him, but only from fringe sources on the right wing.

All the same, I'm sticking with what I could believe:
This group of influential black Chicagoans calls themselves, informally, “The Think Squad” and has been a big help with stories and activities in the past. If you consider the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, and other “Justice Brothers” types on one side of the spectrum…the Think Squad is the polar opposite.  These are good people who openly talk about how terrible the Democrat community has been for black people for the last four or five decades and how Obama and his acolytes have made a great many things worse for blacks since he took office.  The Think Squad is not happy about the amnesty efforts for criminal Hispanics who broke American laws but are now able to push blacks out of work because of Obama’s intention to allow these people to become job-seekers in this dreadful economy.  As one person at the table noted by waiving her hand at the scene out the window, “What the Hell has gotten any better since he became President.  Where’s all that hope and change?  All I see is crime and trash”.

“Listen bud, there’s no second term nothing and they know as much,” a Think Squader told me between bites of his bodacious sandwich. “All this is for show.  Axelrod has already moved on but no one knows what to do and they’re kind of just limping around without a plan hoping those Romney people mess up or the media drags them across the finish line.  But ain’t nobody in that top tier who thinks he’s going to win. It’s just not happening because they can’t fool people a second time”.

I know there are many of you who — for whatever reason — still sit in front of your televisions with your eyes pried wide open taking in all the lies the corrupt media tells you.  Why you do this is beyond me.  I also don’t understand why you still pay for newspaper subscriptions or think that the polls Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow recite to you are in any way accurate.  I can find no gentle way to stay this but if you believe what the tee-vee tells you, then you’re foolish.  After four long years of watching the corrupt media relentlessly lie to drag Obama over the finish line if you have not picked up on the fact that everyone on television is working hard under the Democrats’ banner then there is truly something wrong with you.  You are a lost cause.
The Think Squad confirmed what I’ve been hearing through friends whose families know Marion Robinson, the current “First Grandmother” and Michelle’s mother: the Obamas and those close to them are preparing to decamp to Honolulu, Hawaii and live out his post-presidency in the post suburb of Kailua.  This is Hawaii’s Beverly Hills.  The Think Squad had a great time mocking the hula and pretending to sip mai-tais and pina-coladas as they regaled me with all the things Marion’s been “bragging-on” about the house she expects to live in come January when the Obamas depart the White House and Marion comes with them.  They’ll still have servants, Secret Service guards, a chef, and almost all of the amenities they enjoy now.  But it will be a permanent vacation mode instead of the short bursts of paradise these people experienced on their many jaunts to Hawaii over the last four years before their usual return to Washington.  But now, they won’t ever have to go back to DC and Marion is especially gleeful that they won’t be coming back to Chicago ever, either.
The table burst out into loud laughter when I asked if anyone believed there was even a remote chance that the Obama Presidential Library and Museum could be coming to Chicago and every last member of the Think Squad said “that thing’s going on the beach somewhere in Hawaii where it belongs”.  There is no delusion that Chicago would get any sort of perk or pay-back for sending the Obamas to Washington.  ”What do they care about Chicago for when they got everything they needed out of this place and there’s nothing more they need?”.  The consensus was that Obama has a long established pattern of taking what he needs, then moving on to someplace new to acquire new resources there, and then moving on to whatever he thinks can help him advance again.
Yeah, this doesn't make him look good. I wish I knew where this sandwich shop is, just to listen to "The Think Squad". To be able to know what they know, although I will just as soon stay out of the personal business. In politics the personal isn't exactly separate from the professional it seems.

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