Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mayor Emanuel wrote an op/ed in the Sun-Times recently

I had just became aware of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's op/ed in Tuesday's edition of the Chicago Sun-Times:
The strategy behind our success is clear: We are investing in our infrastructure and in the skills and education of our workforce. At the same time, we are putting our fiscal house in order. We are investing in what works and what makes Chicago more economically competitive while reforming what doesn’t. By making the tough choices, we have cut our projected budget deficit in half for 2013. In the next budget, we will finish what we started and eliminate the structural deficit.

When we see Chicago leading the country in job growth and the growing confidence of companies in Chicago across the economic spectrum, we can have greater confidence in the choices we are making as a city. We are not yet where we need to be, but we know we are on our way and pointed in the right direction. Chicago is a city on the move.
I found this via Jammie Wearing Fool who said:
The Mayor, who’s the same guy as the columnist, goes own to pump himself up in the most self-serving fashion possible.
And I became aware of that posting via Instapundit who referred to that column as "hard-hitting media".

Not sure what to say, although how many are aware of what's being said on Chicago's Municipal TV Network. He definitely is playing up the jobs angle in addition to the many other initiatives listed in his recent column.

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