Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Althouse: "In 1964, JFK is reelected, with LBJ as VP. The GOP does not yet do its big shift to conservatism..."

Got to admit how much I like going through hypotheticals. What if JFK hadn't been shot in Dallas and runs for re-election in 1964? What if Barry Goldwater became the Republican nominee in 1968 (instead of 1964)? What if Goldwater wins two terms? What if RFK replace Jimmy Carter and still was defeated by one Ronald Reagan? What if George H. W. Bush had Jack Kemp as a running mate? What if Clinton/Gore still had two terms and Bush/Cheney had two terms? What if Romney became President in 2008?

Well read the scenario over at Althouse. Still there's more to it that who runs for what and when. There's much larger implications that I thin are interesting.

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