Monday, August 20, 2012

Marathon Pundit: Newsweek bails on Obama

Conservatives seem to attack the "mainstream media" as being liberal. It's often contended that the media shows their bias very easily in the various media such as movies, TV, or even print. In that vein many will say the liberal mainstream media will often show their support for President Obama no matter how the nation may actually view him.

Besides once upon a time how did Americans get their news? For a long time there was no internet, but there were newspapers, news-magazines, TV, or even radio. That is radio before the advent of talk radio. And that certainly leaves the ability of the mainstream media to show who they support.

Anyway Marathon Pundit reports that President Obama has even lost Newsweek. Newsweek I'm sure is considered part of the mainstream media and as such this is certainly big news. The thing is the article referred to by John Ruberry on his blog is actually written by an advisor to Arizona Sen. John McCain.

The question here is whether or not this is news because the author writing this piece about Obama is a Republican or that Newsweek actually allowed this article to be published in the first place? If it's the latter, this is certainly big news and shows how high the hurdle for the President to win this election.

Ruberry offers one final point: "Newsweek is first. More liberal bastions will follow."

Time will tell!

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