Saturday, August 18, 2012


It's back to school season. A new class is entering Morehouse College right now and it gets me thinking about when I had been 18 or 19 years old.

In my senior year of high school I hadn't been confident enough to make that step. Even if my grades back then had buoyed me and would have me coast to the next step. When it was time for me to register at the local City Colleges my confidence wasn't up at all!

During that period I wasn't even confident enough to fill out college application which were at that point in time still free at certain Illinois universities. What was wrong with me back then?

Today, I envy the young people who are making their moves out of the high school and towards a university. And unlike my high school class these young people should be leaving my high school (GO FALCONS) with a lot more support from their schools than I had back then. They should be seeking out help to achieve whatever goal they seek especially if it means going to school.

It was one of my failures back then. While the support didn't seem to be there it was also possible to seek out some answers from a variety of sources and it never occurred to me.

Now I wonder what if I had just went away to school. My theory is, if that had actually happened back then it probably would've been a failure in the worst way. It was better for me to slow down and take some courses at a city college until it was time for me to move forward. And that gave me time to look into Morehouse.

Anyway, it's all about the what ifs. Now, I think in terms of what can we do for those who are capable but just aren't motivated? How can we support them? That should be the subject of another post.

Now I just want to give my best wishes to the class of 2016. That goes to the freshman class of any university in this nation!

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