Sunday, July 22, 2012

Should I shoot for a million hits here?

In 2010 I was the recipient of an Instalanche. In fact it was in May 2010, this blog got more hits over the course of two or so days than it ever had in its history. The only time that could've come close was when Rich Miller linked to here from the Capitol Fax.

I even wrote a post about the Instalanche the next day and shared some links about how it can happen to you. Then I realized another popular blogger Stacy McCain of The Other McCain had written about about now to get a million hits on your blog in less than a year. It makes me wonder if that goal is achievable not only for this blog, but on The Sixth Ward as well.

To be sure, I consider this blog nothing more than a hobby. This is my own piece of real-estate on the World Wide Web and while I do have to find an audience this is for me to do with as I please although it has to be done with the audience in mind. The Sixth Ward on the other hand is more serious and not just a hobby, but not quite a business or whatever as there is certainly a specific audience for that blog which covers a specific City of Chicago ward and other communities around it.

Now the question here in noting the million hits plan is, whether or not it's doable. And what steps must I take to make that happen. Also is it necessary to follow "The Other McCain's" steps?

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