Tuesday, July 10, 2012

REASON.TV Obama's New New Deal: As bad as the old new deal?

[VIDEO] When Barack Obama assumed the Presidency in 2009, many seemed to hope for a return of the New Deal. He would be the transformational President that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was. In general, history seems to consider his Depression-era New Deal policies a success. Obama supporters seemed to hope that the current President will be the new coming of FDR.

Anyway it seems to be a common theme these last four years. Obama is deemed a Keynesian and this Reason.tv video isn't the first time we've heard that charge. Keynesianism to put it simply is merely government spending to spur economic growth.

And that's how this election will be decided essentially, is Obama making progress on the economy. Right now things aren't looking so good economically, however, I don't truly believe any President can really affect the economy. A President could put forward policies that could influence the economy years down the road and perhaps it's all about what's considered the right policies. That's another debate in and of itself!

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