Friday, July 20, 2012

I didn't completely read Tejada's piece...

The one I had linked to this morning in fact. My apologies for that, I read it some more earlier today and found this near the end:
After all, we allow for people to lose their driver’s license if they show they can’t be trusted. Why should a firearm permit be any different? The circumstances that led to firearms being included in the constitutional amendments (cars didn’t exist back in the late 1700s) have changed so much that I will always believe the Second Amendment is the one obsolete provision.
OK, the beginning of this paragraph I was with that. The third sentence uhhhhhhh....

I can agree that the circumstances that lead to the creation of the 2nd Amendment is much different back then than it was today. Still it doesn't mean that that amendment is obsolete, especially if that amendment could also be used by citizens for their own defense.

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