Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dick Morris: How the Republicans lost the Black vote

[VIDEO] Dick Morris gives a basic chronology of how the Black vote came from voting predominantly Republican to predominantly Democratic. It's a good history lesson and of course the same lessons that we hear today about the history of Blacks and the Republican Party.

OK, as well all know Dick Morris was a political advisor to the first Black President - Bill Clinton - and these days it seems he now has a right wing inclination. You will see him on FOX News often and he had been in Chicago just before the primary elections here to campaign for Republicans.

Anyway, he doesn't give a lot of hope for reversing the current 90% or so Blacks to have more of them vote Republican. He does however say that Republicans must reach out to the burgeoning Hispanic population and said this makes a good case for nominating Florida US Senator Marco Rubio for the Vice Presidency.

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