Saturday, June 02, 2012

Electronic Village: Artur Davis Failed in Effort to Be the 'Next Obama'; Now He Wants to be the 'Next Herman Cain'

Ouch! Artur Davis was a former Alabama Congressman who retired from politics after losing a big for Governor of Alabama in 2010 had reportedly elected to switch not only his voter registration to another state as he now resides in Virginia but he stated that he was leaving the Democratic Party and would run for another office as a Republican.

Villager asks this question about Congressman Davis:
What is your take on Artur Davis? Will he ever be more than a sideshow in the Republican Party?
OUCH!!! I can feel the rejection already and Davis hasn't run for anything yet.

I do hope that in opening up Blacks to the Republican that Davis won't just be another sideshow for the Republicans. Hopefully he will be independent enough to develop his own voice in promoting the Republican Party in Black communities around the nation. An alternative is neccesary.

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