Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Looks like Jesse White is already declared his intentions

Rich Miller of the Capitol Fax just posted an e-mail he sent to his supporters:
Our work is not done. My goals for this office are to continue to modernize customer services, fight drunk driving and to make our roads even safer. I will continue to protect our new teen drivers and to ensure that the Illinois Organ/Tissue Donor program remains the best in the country.

Because of this and more, I am seeking a fifth term for re-election as your Secretary of State in 2014. I have devoted my life to public service. Whether it was as a paratrooper in the Army, a school teacher, a legislator, a county and state elected official, or as the founder and coach of the Jesse White Tumbling Team, I have worked hard to protect and improve the lives of the people of Illinois. I ask you to partner with me once again, so that together we can continue working to make Illinois a better place for all of us to live, drive and raise our children.
Another paragraph made note of his electoral successes since he was first elected a decade ago to the Secretary of State office. If you check the comments of that post you will see how the commenters there are about to dress him down. They don't want him to try again they're even making some cynical predictions such as: "Get an early start on fundraising and keep others out of the race so he can name his replacement."

ALSO, someone noted the fact that one couldn't even use a Visa card to pay for their license renewal. I learned that the hard way when I renewed my license. Whatever the logic that needs to change. Besides it really hurt when I found out that they raised license renewal fees. It hurt because back then I was still looking for a job and shelling out $30 to renew my license was a lot. I would've like to have kept that extra cash. :(

BTW, check out this post from the Ward Room entitled: Secretary of State for life!
Secretary of State Jesse White, who is 78 years old and showing signs of diminished political judgment, announced today that he will seek a fifth term in office. White, who is already the longest-serving constitutional officer in Illinois history, will be 84 in 2018, which would almost certainly make him the oldest constitutional officer in Illinois history.

As 27th Ward Committeemen, White was responsible for the appointment of state Rep. Derrick Smith, who is currently facing expulsion from the House after his arrest on federal bribery charges. White also appointed state Sen. Annazette Collins, then turned against her when it was discovered she didn’t live in her district. Republicans are already planning to use the chaos in White’s West Side fiefdom as a campaign issue in 2014. White is a politician, so his political decisions are fair game.

The Republicans can beat White, especially in an off-year with Barack Obama on the ballot, but they can only beat him if they run a candidate who a) has political stature, and b) actually wants to be Secretary of State.
We got at least two years before next election. There has to be a logic to declaring intentions now, especially for a powerful incumbent!

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