Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Chicago News Bench: Crazed Black Mob Attacks White Man, Woman, Media Ignores Story

Chicago News Bench: Crazed Black Mob Attacks White Man, Woman, Media Ignores Story

So Tom Mannis latches onto this story out of Norfolk, VA. I've seen this story covered on FOX's The O'Reilly Factor. In fact they did a segment on this story last night! [VIDEO]

Mannis didn't appear to link to this article he excerpted from so therefore here's a link to that editorial. The gist of this story is that two non-Black reporters were attacked by a mob and their outlet refused to publish any reports about this. It might have been too racially tinged for them.

The segment above you will see Bill O'Reilly refer to the editors of this paper as scared of this story. They could've been smart business people and took on this story and perhaps exposed the issues that exist in this Virginia city. Instead they opted to bury this story and doing so could possibly put more reporters at risk according to O'Reilly.

I just wish I knew what was going on down there!

EDIT: There is a trouble connection to this story and another out of Mobile, Alabama where a white man was beaten after speaking to a group of Black youths about noise that Mannis also blogged about. They seems to be engaging in this foolishness while speaking the name of Trayvon Martin! Martin was the youth who earlier this year was shot to death by one George Zimmerman who is often styled as a neighborhood watch leader. He was recently taken into custody for Martin's death after an outcry!

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