Friday, April 27, 2012

National Review: Millennials’ Financial Illiteracy

 One point to pull from this brief posting:
Worrying about student loans before college is one area where it’s not at all bad for students to start young.
Here, here! If you're making plans for college find out where the money is or at least plan to make some money to pay for tuition while you're in school. There's no shame in saving up for college before you get there and there's no shame in working while you're in college.

Of course there's more to this piece than that!

EDIT: BTW, Instapundit linked to this piece saying, "HELPING THE HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE ALONG: Millenials’ Financial Illiteracy."

Hmmm, when I was in high school I had to take consumer education. Financial literacy should be part of that, especially if we encourage our young people to go to school.

To be honest I wasn't sure the point of consumer education back in the day. Even worse consumer education was nestled within the psychology class I took at the time. My teacher seemed to have come up with a hurried lesson plan for that aspect of our course. It's hard for me to say that anything was retain from that! Didn't get it!

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